Charles Blow, teacher hater in disguise

Charles Blow on teaching:

That’s why I have a hard time tolerating people who disproportionately blame teachers for our poor educational outcomes. I understand that not every teacher is a great one. But neither is every plumber, or every banker or every soldier. Why then should teachers be demonized so much?

In what universe are historically high test scores* and graduation rates “poor educational outcomes”?

The take-home message of Blow’s column is “Teachers suck** because we don’t respect them enough.” Which is weird, because he also seems to be saying that his mom was a good teacher, no matter what others were saying about her.

More respect for teachers, yes. That starts with recognizing the good results they’re getting (that doesn’t prevent us from looking for places to improve!) instead of just crapping all over their work without even looking at the numbers.

*Scroll to page 5.

**Unsurprisingly, Blow suggests tying teacher pay to test scores and taking away union power as ways to get better results, even though he doesn’t even know what those results are. You could ban all unions and pay each teacher as a direct function of the number of their students who pass a standardized test, and Blow would have no idea if his ideas worked. But you can’t stop these folks: it’s “unions and workers suck” all day, every day.


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