No one will just be openly racist

Atrios discusses the First Paradox of Conservative Thought: Why do they simultaneously want to disarm everyone and interpret the Second Amendment as saying that anyone can carry a gun everywhere?

Really, you’d think the two contradictory ideas would cause more conflict, until you realize that they both come from the same place: a Manichean worldview. The good guys should all be armed, the bad guys should never be armed.

That’s putting it in the best light. In reality, since you can’t tell if someone is good or bad just by looking at them, it comes down to race. Atrios’s “Take guns away from people” example referred to taking guns away from Middle Eastern (et al.) people, while the “Arm everyone” example, we found out during the Trayvon Martin tragedy, is really “Arm all white people.” (If it means anything else, then the NRA would have said that Trayvon should have been packing heat to protect himself from people like George Zimmerman. That response to any sort of violence is a reflex for those folks and the fact that they wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole means something.)

They think it’s a war. That’s it. They want one side armed and the other side disarmed. It’s that simple.


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