Professional responsibility

I know that we’ll never accept the idea that people who come into contact with children also have sex sometimes when they’re not around children, but maybe we can handle it like responsible human beings?

Halas allegedly was cast in the movie under the name Tiffany. Administrators tried to verify the students’ claims but couldn’t because filters on the school’s computers prevent access to pornographic websites.

So administrators distributed a memo to school staff, acknowledging the students’ claims but only as unverified rumor. Other teachers then came forward and showed administrators the video that started the rumor on an Internet-connected cellphone.

Sooooo… the administration didn’t have any confirmation that one of its employees had done a porn film – maybe the kids were mistaken or just didn’t like this teacher, who knows – and they sent an email to the entire staff accusing that teacher of being in a porno? And they did this because they couldn’t wait a couple hours and check out the evidence at home?
If this teacher doesn’t have enough material for a lawsuit, then employee protections need to be revamped.
Also too, when a newspaper treats this as an excuse to post porn pics on their site, they lose all ability to look down their noses at her.

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