You can’t have how without why

The right, if it has any ideological definition at all, wants to protect the interests of the aristocracy. The means to that end depend on context, and expansionary fiscal policy can be one of those means.

2012’s elite, though, sees fiscal policy as anathema, mainly because it would take away power and money from wealthy people, but in a situation where the elites’ money grabs are directed outward there’s no reason why they couldn’t have the opposite opinion of fiscal policy.

That said, there’s no such thing as a technocrat. Everything comes down to a values choice. The right isn’t against technocratic solutions, unless you’re judging their policy preferences against criteria like equality, growth, and reducing human suffering. If you’re judging their policies against their actual goals – taking out the 1%’s competitors for political power and making sure more money gets sent to the rich – then their solutions are a practical means of achieving those ends.

I know no one wants to admit it, but we actually don’t all agree what direction the country should be going in.


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