“White hispanic” isn’t new

One of the most annoying things in the right’s reaction to the Trayvon Martin killing has been the assertion that the expression “white hispanic” was created several week ago by the media so they could call George Zimmerman white.

That’s wrong and betrays a profound ignorance of both Latin American history and the way the US’s understanding of “hispanic” has changed over the last two decades.

So when conservatives assert, as they have over this past week, that “white hispanic” is an entirely new concept, they’re basically just admitting that it’s new to them and don’t have the intellectual curiosity to even do a google search on the term.

Then again, these same people have been in the comments of mainstream news sites complaining that a journalist just made up the term “white hispanic” even on articles that didn’t mention race at all. So, yeah, we aren’t talking about the most color-blind or even most honest bunch of people out there.


One thought on ““White hispanic” isn’t new

  1. […] the assertion seems to be that someone of a hispanic background (but not a white hispanic background, or […]

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