Starbucks not turning a profit in France

Thank God. I see these all over and it felt like the country was being taken over (the 63 cafes are probably all in downtown Paris). Hopefully they’ll give up and leave – introducing a coffee chain that serves inferior and more expensive coffee in uglier stores in a country that already had a cafe-based economy wasn’t a good idea. If anything, charging 6 euro for burnt coffee when you can get a decent espresso pretty much anywhere for 2 euro (1 if you’re outside the Paris region) is just an insult.

Now Subway, that’s something that actually seems to be working here. They’re popping up all over, not just in Paris. Paradoxically, it was a baguette-based economy too before Subway got here, but then they’re pricing their sandwiches competitively for the locals, unlike Starbucks with their coffee.


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