911 tapes released in Trayvon Martin case

If you haven’t read this story, a neighborhood watch captain with a concealed weapon approached a black kid walking in a white neighborhood because he looked “suspicious.” The kid ended up dead, and the police refuse to arrest the shooter, taking him at his word that he killed the teen in self-defense.

Some might think that allowing any paranoid yahoo who gives himself a title and thinks he can enforce the law to carry a gun around is just craziness, but this is America. It isn’t politically correct to say that the teen would still be alive if this man didn’t have a gun.

I predict that by the end of the week Trayvon will have been fully dragged through the mud by the right. They’ll find that he was sent to the principal’s office once for cheating, that he got into a fight once with another teenager, or that he once wrote a paper on Saul Alinsky. It doesn’t matter – the point will be to make it seem like this was self-defense even though the man approached Trayvon in the first place.

Race is probably important in this story, considering how the shooter instantly judged Trayvon as “suspicious” and told the 911 responder that “they” always “get away” (with what, we can’t know). Some people have pointed out that Zimmerman, the shooter, is hispanic, not realizing that:

  1. being “hispanic” doesn’t exclude someone from being “white,” and
  2. being “hispanic” doesn’t mean that someone can’t be racist.

Just two things to keep in mind here.


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