America isn’t welcoming

I think lots of/most Americans would be surprised to find out how hard it is to get into the country. Alberto just went last week and this was the first I heard of ESTA (a form you have to fill out online for a $14 fee, which effectively imposes a visa requirement on countries that don’t require visas from Americans), and it has a way of just making America seem like a paranoid rip-off. My German sister-in-law was taken aside at the airport a couple of years ago because she was visiting the US twice in the same year, which apparently made her high risk.

On the other hand, Americans whine about how hard it can be to get into some countries (Europe is especially hard if you actually want to work here). I know that people only complain about problems they themselves face, but if citizens only consider their ability to get into other countries then this problem will never get solved.


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