Mona Charen’s discount spell-check

Sadly, No finds one of the most unintentionally hilarious columns of the last decade, in which Mona Charen complains about the spell/grammar check that came with the $20 word processor she bought because she was too cheap to go with Microsoft Word.

As anyone in the political writing business knows (even if they won’t admit it), salary and work opportunity increase as you move to the right. People with money, unsurprisingly, love it when you say what they want to hear. So my uneducated guess would be that her salary – between books, a job with the National Review, and her column – is in the upper-6, lower-7 figure range.

And yet she wasn’t willing to shell out $150 for the word processor she needed for her job. Heck, the government would have eaten a quarter of the cost since this would be a perfectly legitimate business expense for a nationally syndicated columnist. To make an analogy, this would be like a three-star restaurant forgoing glasses and putting out plastic cups to save money. Yes, they’re cheaper and don’t break, but they’re not the best business decision.

This column needs to be dipped in bronze and put in a museum along with Thomas Friedman’s turkey that Iraq stole, David Brooks’s buffet line at Applebee’s, and Sally Quinn’s poll of the rich and famous on how impolite Clinton was.


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