Men-only bars?

Ugh, this is a complicated issue. The problem is that there really are a lot of straight women who behave badly in gay bars, especially when they have bachelorette parties. I’ll never forget one woman in a bachelorette party who asked me to make out with the guy sitting next to me so she could take a picture of it.

On the other hand, gay bars that only have men in them scare the crap out of me too. There’s a whole lot of bad behavior going on in there, starting with a lot of judgment.

On principle I’m against discrimination and for antidiscrimination legislation. But this is a case that runs up against freedom of association, and the effects of this sort of discrimination aren’t pernicious (no one’s being denied a job, a house, or an essential public accommodation).

Also, are there no women-only bars in Chicago? Is that illegal? Because it seems like a useful idea, considering what women often face in straight bars.


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