Teacher hatred and sex education

Oops, another Republican told the truth (referring to Utah passing an even more stringent abstinence-only bill):

“My problem is that we’re having essentially complete strangers teaching our children, who frankly we don’t know who they are and exactly what they’re teaching, with the most sensitive issues that do belong in the home,” said one Republican Senator during Tuesday’s floor debate.

That’s the ticket: teachers who have a four-year degree that came with education on sex and how to conduct sex education, using books and materials that took educated people years to develop, who then meet with students eight hours a day every day for their entire careers, are essentially the same as a stranger on the corner trying to talk to a 12-year-old about masturbation.
And, of course, parents should have the exclusive right to teach this stuff, no matter how bad of a job they’ll do. I guess that part of the argument depends on whether or not you think children are the property of their parents, while the other part assumes that being educated in a topic doesn’t mean that someone knows more about it.


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