Viral video to “save” overweight man

I actually watched a season of The Biggest Loser a few years back. On one episode they brought back one of the previous years’ winners, and he had gained back all the weight. I don’t know if they meant for that to be inspirational, but it made it obvious that the entire stated premise of the show (teach people healthier habits and they’ll be set for life) was faulty, and made it seem possible that the real purpose was a sort of public confessional/bowl of chicken soup for the soul/reason to blame all the other lazy people out there who don’t lose weight like these great people were doing.

So when someone takes to YouTube and gets Dr. Phil to help, I can’t say I think this will end well. There’ll be a few tearful episodes where he’ll get barked at (tough-lovingly, of course), maybe he’ll lose weight temporarily, and then everyone will forget about him.

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