Does college kill religiosity?

Apparently young people who go to college drop off church attendance a little less than young people who don’t go to college.

Honestly, I never got the idea the association between working class and religiosity that Americans generally take for granted, for two reasons:

  1. I was brought up in a fairly affluent suburb, where there were two churches on every street corner. Religion there was a way to show that you fashionably cared about some people and not about others.
  2. France has the exact opposite cultural assumption – religion is seen as a means of control, by which they mean rich people controlling poor people, and so there’s an instinctive association between democracy and secularism instead of democracy and free practice of religion, like in the US.

Part of the issue is the cultural narrative around religion focuses on degrees of fundamentalism as representative of degrees of religiosity, as if someone who goes to a Methodist church once a week is less religious than someone who goes to a Baptist church on Christmas and Easter.


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