Stop blaming average Americans for your problems

The most unattractive aspect of New Left identity politics is its urge to blame everything on working class Americans – usually working class white men but also working class people of color and working class women, depending on the issue.

The vast majority of Americans support ENDA, and it didn’t pass even with Democrats controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, mainly because the Dems’ corporate masters don’t want to give you another reason to sue them (we won’t be homophobic, we promise… we just want to handle all complainers complaints in-house with our completely unenforceable nondiscrimination policy). This is why the corporate witness at the House’s ENDA hearing a few years back spent all her time discussing ways to make the bill toothless.

And yet some people want to keep on pretending that it’s working Americans who are holding up the ENDA when it’s not. It’s not just normal dumb, it’s dumb on politics. The working class is a natural ally on this issue; most people get/can get how creepy it is to have your boss tell you who you’re allowed to sleep with, love, and live with. In fact, the biggest problem when it comes to public opinion on this issue is just how many people think it’s already law.


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