Separation of church, state, and marriage

One thing I like about British conservatives and assorted extremists is that they actually respond to arguments the mainstream and the left make against them, unlike American conservatives who just pretend like no one has responded to them and keep on making the same debunked points. On “marriage is a civil institution, not a religious one,” here’s a response, finally:

He said he was baffled ”because this Government’s proposal constitutes one of the greatest political power grabs in history.”

He went on: ”The state does not ‘own’ the institution of marriage. Nor does the church.

”The honourable estate of matrimony precedes both the state and the church, and neither of these institutions have the right to redefine it in such a fundamental way.”

 It’s not great, but you’ll never see an American conservative say something similar. They just repeat the “Our freedom of religion is being trampled upon” line until they’re blue in the face.
Which is probably why they’re more successful.

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