Yes, there are homophobes in France

This guy is from Sarkozy’s party, a sort of Thomas Friedman wet-dream party made up of people who would be moderate Republicans and conservative Democrats in the US. So this guy isn’t marginal.

Something else I learned while out here is why Holocaust denialism is against the law – it’s basically a form of hate speech that people throw around. Whereas an American who hates a minority will usually just say “X group sucks! They’re all stupid, drug-addicted, violent, lazy whores!” in Europe there’s a lot of “Well, there actually isn’t much evidence that the Nazis went after them (them usually being the Jews, but sometimes other groups).”

Also, love the people who are so full of themselves that they speak out of their asses with no concern for being correct, pompously diagnosing people they’ve never met with “narcissism.” Really.


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