Grown-ups who annoy me

Some time last year I read two articles in the same day to hilaritragic effect.

The first was a blog post on the Huffington Post (I don’t think I could find it again) where some career counselor was complaining about how young people think they’ll be able to find a job right after high school or college that pays them enough to live on their own. Those greedy and naive children! Wherever would they get the dumb idea that they can earn that kind of money!

The other basically said that young people were living in a prolongued adolescence nowadays, since we’re less likely to marry or live on our own. You see, those young people just want to be babied by their mothers and fathers instead of starting their own families. What? They don’t have the money to do so? I’ll just ignore that little detail.

So finding out that unemployment among young adults is higher now than at any point since the Great Depression isn’t surprising. It’d just be nice if people who reached adulthood in more <s>prosperous</s> fair eras wouldn’t either blame young adults neither for not being able to get their own homes nor for wanting to get their own homes.

I don’t know either writer’s politics, but I further hope that neither of them voted for or supported policies that make it harder for young people to move out of their parents’ homes before they decided to make fun of young adults for not doing it themselves or for wanting to do it. Because that would be contemptible.


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