“China has all of America’s money” is racist

I’ve been pointing out for a while that the fear-mongering that China will own America because they’ve bought quite a few Reserve notes (everyone knows that “This note entitles the bearer to write one law of their choice in ye olde U.S. of A.” is written right on them) is just racism.

And liberals aren’t better on this issue. I remember watching MSNBC in late 2010 when whoever was filling in for Keith Olbermann went on a huge Yellow Peril tirade about how terrible it would be if China *gasp* had the opportunity to buy more US bonds with the dollars they’ve built up because of their crazy trade surplus with us.

So let’s not get precious when a less-than-tactful pol goes all Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Both liberals and conservatives have been taking part in this one.


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