Has American culture changed since 1992?

Yes and no on this, but mostly yes. I noticed a while back that, even though I stopped listening to pop radio about a decade ago, if I look at a top 10 singles list today and listen to the songs they sound pretty much the same as what people were listening to when I was in high school, with a little more auto-tune.

On TV, there was a decline in sitcoms since the early 90’s that have been replaced by reality TV, but the number of franchises and spin-offs has also increased. How many CSI’s, Survivors, Law & Orders, and  singing shows do we need?

I also forced myself to watch an episode of Glee last year and was surprised by how David E. Kelley it seemed. And that director is going to remake Rocky Horror.

Even in books, John Grisham just had a #1 best-seller! And they think someone will make a movie based on it! We’ve seen this script before.

But to ever say that our culture is controlled by wealthy interests who care little about whether the plebes see anything real to them expressed in art is just elitist.

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