Gingrich is mad that money can buy power

Boo fuckin’ hoo.

Mr Gingrich condemned a deluge of attacks ads run against him by third-party campaign groups supporting Mr Romney and vowed to stay in the race until the party’s nominating convention in early September.

The ads, largely financed and run by so-called super-Pacs which can support candidates without co-ordinating with their campaigns, have painted Mr Gingrich as corrupt and erratic to the point of being unstable. “Frankly if that stuff [in the ads] was true, I wouldn’t vote for myself,” Mr Gingrich said on Monday.

It’s so sad we live in a society where rich people can steam-roll over everyone else. It would be really nice if there were more protections for people who don’t have as much money.
It’d be nice to see Gingrich at least hold off on trying to shovel money and power to rich people, even if he doesn’t turn back the clock on that front, just so he wouldn’t sound so whiney.

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