Was Cynthia Nixon born this way?

Another topic I avoided last week, mostly because I don’t care about SATC and the question of what causes certain sexualities doesn’t affect my politics – love is never wrong, sex should have as few negative consequences as possible, and everyone should decide what works for themselves. No need to discuss genetics there.

But since I did study biology in college, it does annoy me that the only two choices presented are usually “genetics” and “choice,” as if every trait we have falls neatly into one category or the other. In fact, almost no trait does – they’re usually a combination or a result of other factors like environment or development – and saying that homosexuality is caused by a certain gene just sounds silly since not even height or weight are caused by a single gene.

That said, Frank Bruni pointed out this weekend that gay people are trying to impose “silence and conformity” on Nixon. Don’t ever let it be said that gay people universally support sexual autonomy – we were mostly all raised in a puritan culture and quite a few of us never really got over that.


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