Religious law trumps actual law

I missed this Supreme Court decision from last week, which said that a teacher who was dismissed for seeking treatment for narcolepsy could be fired because she sought redress through the court system instead of going through the Lutheran church government. You’d think people worried about Shariah law would be up in arms, but no, because they’re actually in favor of Christian law supplanting American law.

Anyway, I’m not going to comment on the legal reasoning, but effectively this case is saying that Lutherans believe that God doesn’t want them to employ cripples, or at least cripples who complain when they’re treated badly. It’s hard to argue otherwise – they argued that the Americans with Disabilities Act violated their First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, so obviously they think this choice was rooted in theology.

You’d think Lutherans wouldn’t want to be viewed as cold and insensitive, but apparently they’ll fight to the Supreme Court to make sure people do.


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