Obama’s not king

I know that some Americans have trouble recognizing the fact that they do not live in a monarchy, but an American actually isn’t required to believe that the president has a divine right to rule over everyone.

In fact, some people find that idea contrary to democracy itself.

There’s a reason we refer to the president as “Mr.” (and one day “Ms.”); they’re at the same level as the rest of us. It’s what was supposed to separate American leaders from European royalty back in a quainter day.

I’ve come to think that some people really like hierarchy and actually do want to believe that someone has absolute power over them and is deserving of absolute respect. Maybe they find comfort in hierarchy.

Others, like me, are opposed to that sort of thing on general principle, so when I see people posting a picture of Gov. Jan Brewer pointing a finger at Obama as if that shows what a terrible person she is (as opposed to her politics showing her moral depravity), I’m just disappointed. How can we get the people to fight for their own freedom and well-being when they’re willing to tear another American apart because she had the audacity to disagree with the president to his face?

And, yes, I realize tribalism has a lot to do with this. If Brewer did the same thing to Bush, liberals would be laughing with her instead of at her, while conservatives would be sending around photos of her saying how she has no respect. But there’s a better way to comport ourselves that doesn’t involve demanding absolute respect for the president every other eight years.


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