The White House thinks doing nothing is “working hard”

Here’s the White House response to news about Romney’s effective tax rate:

“This only illuminates what he believes is an issue, which is that everybody who’s working hard ought to pay their fair share,” Carney said. “And that includes millionaires who might be paying an effective tax rate of 15 percent when folks making $50,000 or $75,000 or $100,000 a year are paying much more.”

“Working hard”? Even Romney doesn’t insist on using such strong language:

He told reporters at a campaign stop in South Carolina Tuesday most of his income in the past decade came from investments rather than from earned income like a salary.

This guy wasn’t working. He earned money a while back and he invested it. If it weren’t for whatever is motivating him to run for president (ego, perks, possibility to decrease his taxes even more) he could spend every day at the beach and still make that kind of money.


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