Sherbert, nucular, lyeberry

I don’t get these sorts of articles that say that the way 99% of Americans pronounce X is incorrect. Incorrect because…? Jesus did not hand us the English language on golden tablets, mind you.

The usual reason provided is spelling, as if there is absolutely no difference between written English and spoken English, as if each letter is always pronounced, and always pronounced the same. Most of the explanations at the link are along the lines of “there’s (not) this letter when it’s written!” and the last one is “the T in often is silent!”

Just say that you prefer to pronounce certain words a certain way and that, since you’re kind of a controlling fuckchop, you want to dictate to others how to pronounce certain words.

But then I taught English as a second language for a few years so I got my need to force my language on others all worked out of my system. Now going around correcting people for pronouncing the T in a word written with a T (even though I don’t do it myself) seems like work, and being annoyed by someone using a pronunciation that’s understood by 100% of Americans just seems pathetic.


One thought on “Sherbert, nucular, lyeberry

  1. Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer says:

    I’m totally with you on this.

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