Neocon political correctness

It’s been my experience that the people who whine the most about political correctness tend to have some very hard reactions to violations of their preferred forms of political correctness, and the debate over what “terrorism” is is probably one of the best places to see it. It’s political propaganda-cum-political correctness, where it’s simply impolite  to say that The Good Guys are engaged in terrorism.

In that way, we police our own language and each other, making sure that no one can really discuss violence objectively and always tilt debates on violence towards certain actors. When we do it it’s justified, when they do it it’s not. The government/military industrial complex/whoever doesn’t even have to make people follow along since there are enough good little soldiers among us to keep people from really thinking about what it’s like for little kids to see their dad get shot, no matter the kids’ ethnicity, so that we don’t protest too much as the violence continues.


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