There are hacks, and they should be labeled as such

The Financial Times had a short article on France’s proposed financial transaction tax (one of the few good things Sarkozy’s proposed). Here’s the headline from the print version:

Move risks cutting overall duty revenues, says study

So some dispassionate economists found that a new tax would decrease the amount of money France gets from taxes? That old right-wing saw that tax cuts increase revenue is actually true? Well, here’s the second-to-last paragraph:

The Oxera report was commissioned by the Association for Financial Markets in Europe, which represents the continent’s investment banks – staunch opponents of the tax.

 So the title should have been:
Move risks cutting overall duty revenues, opponents argue
Right now, the online title is:
Fear transaction levy will cut tax revenues
Close, but they could have said where that fear is coming from.
So they get points for at least putting the information out there for readers to see that they’re basically saying that the people who would pay a tax are thinking of reasons why it’d be bad. And they get points for taking the word “study” out of the title, since the paper had no more value than anything else a lobbyist would say. But they’re still not quite there.

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