Lady Gaga embraces anti-LGBT youth mayor

Michael Bloomberg, who’s probably the most famous mayor in the world especially now that he’s ordering police to violently suppress peaceful protests in Zucotti Park, also raised some hairs in the community this past year when he proposed cutting funds for LGBT homeless youth in NYC while steadfastly refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy. Gay and trans kids who get kicked out of their homes after their parents refuse them are losers in the current economy but guys who inherited some wealth and invested even more of it are the winners.

And here’s one of the most famous LGBT activists in the world embracing him in front of dozens of cameras.

My guess is Gaga just stone cold doesn’t care at all that he thinks that homeless queer youth should freeze in the street and kisses whatever celebrity she’s told to. She read a script for seven minutes a couple years ago on DADT that she didn’t even scan beforehand and she was celebrated in the queer press, so why should make any effort at all?

The Advocate is telling people to buy her album today and none of the usual suspects in the LGBT blogosphere are throwing fits as they would do if this were a mayor who opposed same-sex marriage and she were a different celebrity.

It’s easy to be a social justice hero in a country that’s fundamentally illiterate when it comes to politics.


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