A job fair without jobs

There’s a special ring in hell for these people.

A job fair held December 29 attracted hundreds of people seeking work from the Detroit Metro area. The occasion, dubbed “New Year, New Job” and sponsored by JobFairGiant.com, was promoted as a career opportunity for the region’s substantial jobless population, but actually offered very few positions.

The event provided a snapshot of the plight of the unemployed, who not only face the highest levels of joblessness since the Great Depression, but the decimation of any social infrastructure to help them. The event was held at a hotel in Southfield, near Detroit, where unemployment unofficially stands at 50 percent.

Despite its appearance, JobFairGiant.com, the event’s sponsor, is not a public service organization but is a small for-profit operation run by Caree Eason, a Detroit entrepreneur. Eason’s company holds regular job fairs in the Detroit Metro area and sets up speaking engagements.[…]

In line with the mission of the event’s sponsor, JobFairGiant, many of the companies at the fair weren’t even offering jobs, but instead used the opportunity to try to sell the unemployed their services. For example, Grad2Pro.com appealed to the unemployed college graduates about the need for “a comprehensive solution significantly enhancing a graduate’s ability to find job opportunities and do well in interviews.”


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