The GOP primary

It’s all over the news, and I understand that it’s important to some people, but after the 2008 elections I don’t see myself getting caught up in another horse-race. After months of debates and acrimony between two candidates with virtually identical positions on issues – all of which didn’t matter since the winner actively worked against many of the positions he took up during the campaign and few people care – I’d think people would have some perspective. It’s an important thing, but it’s neither the only important thing nor the most important thing.

And most of us won’t even get to vote in it.

But, for what it’s worth, I think all the GOP candidates are awful human beings, differing in style, not in degree of terrible-ness. That is something of an accomplishment for the GOP’s donor set.

One thought on “The GOP primary

  1. […] agree with Matt Taibbi here; this is basically what I feel. But there will still be a lot of coverage of the campaign, even in non-mainstream media. I found […]

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