Naive libertarians

To extend this, it reminds me of how Ron Paul’s supporters tend spend a lot of time on the internet, and folks who are internet savvy tend to… bathe in the shallower end of the “I understand how the hew-mons act” pool.

It’s easy to get the impression, if you read too much online, that people are cruel and short-sighted, when really you’re just reading from a self-selected group of people who don’t get out as much as they should. It’s good for people to confront their ideologies and biases with real-world experiences, but the internet, for some people, is a tool to avoid that.

People were making these same complaints about suburbia before the internet, and suburbia turned into a hotbed for movement conservatism. It’s easy for someone to think that those people (whomever they are) just don’t work hard enough when you’ve never have to see how they live.


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