Will Obama’s marriage position help him in November?

The answer is probably something like “It doesn’t really matter, at least not compared to other issues,” but it’s interesting that the consensus opinion is “He’ll lose votes because of his support for same-sex marriage; he announced that support only because he knew it would garner votes.”


FDA approves drug to prevent HIV

A steal at only $11,000 a year! And some people will pay it because “Your money or your life,” which is truly the greatest principle to base a health care system on.

Argentina tears down hurdles to legal gender change

I’m sure everyone on the right will be disappointed when, in 10 years, the sky hasn’t fallen. Heaven forbid any of us remember their dire predictions, check out the results, and then never listen to them ever again.

About that list of gay rights…

Maybe the problem is positing it as a list (or a “pie”), because that implies a possibility of completion that devalues the entire exercise.

Equality, as defined in LGBT activism, is self-contradictory. Focusing on an improvement in LGBT well-being would clarify some things and stop some of these ridiculous intra-community debates on how much is “enough.”

Breaking: Mitt Romney has always been a terrible human being

I worked a summer at a camp for future Bain-esque boys and this sounds about right. The school here knows which side their bread is buttered on, and they also know the values of the parents who send their kids there to be taught how to dominate others.┬áIt’s far from the middle class world where kids are taught to follow rules and achieve results (which in turn is different from working class and poor kids, whose experiences I can’t relate).

Anyway, all this because I remember a while back David Axelrod saying that people will see how much the GOP candidate sucks and vote for Obama. Not the greatest campaign strategy, but Romney seems to have taken it as a challenge anyway.


The One Million Moms campaign says nothing about moms and everything about the right – they’re conservative first and foremost. Advancing a political agenda their entire raison d’être, not any sort of motherly desire to protect children.

Beyond that, desires to “raise PG children” are about power and domination, not the good of the children. Eventually those children become adults, and they ought to know what kind of world they live in.

North Carolina Amendment 1 passes

Some people would look at this and say that they scheduled the vote for the Republican primary instead of the general election in November for less-than-savory reasons. But all we’re going to hear about this from the right is “The people have chosen! Respect Democracy!”

Dick Lugar loses the primary

I never thought Dick Lugar would be considered too liberal for anyone, but here we are.

I’d be more excited if the Democrats had nominated one of their own to run against the Tea Partier, but, no, they went with a Republican. It’s the center-right vs. crazy-right in the general election, except voters in November will not just be Republicans.

Unpaid work is not better than no work

Employers will always look for ways to cut costs at their employees’ expense, and if increasing the long-term unemployment rate is necessary to make people desperate/fearful enough to work for free, then they’ll do it.

What’s funny, though, is seeing the standard conservative argument against minimum wage laws being applied to exploited free work: If you apply the minimum wage here, these jobs will be eliminated!